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Jang Graat

  • Smart Information Design
  • Amsterdam
  •  Jang Graat


After studying Physics (3 years), Psychology (7 years) and Philosophy (3 years), Jang embarked on a fast-track career in the international domain of Parallel Computing (which was quite new back in 1986). He has created countless technical manuals, training courses and presentations about a wide variety of topics in various industries (supercomputers, image recognition, steel and paper industry, manufacturing, software development).

In 1994, he started his own single-person consulting company IF UnLtd, currently acting under the name Smart Information Design. After writing manuals for a decade, Jang taught himself programming to make his work as technical author easier and more efficient. He will learn to use any language that is required to make a solution work. His most important asset is his imagination, which allows him to create solutions that radically optimise the work of a technical author. Since almost 2 decades, he has specialised in creating tools for technical authors, mostly based on DITA and often Adobe FrameMaker. He is currently working on the Smart Suite, a revolutionary component content management system, which incorporates all his visionary ideas from the past decades.